Homeopathy is the fastest growing form of alternative medicine worldwide. In fact, it is so widely used in Europe that is is no longer considered alternative medicine with approximately 30 percent of French doctors, 20 percent of German doctors use homeopathic medicines regularly, and 40 percent of British physicians refer patients to homeopaths and 50 percent of Dutch physicians consider homeopathic medicines to be effective. (Fisher and Ward, 1994, Kleijnen, Knipschild, and Riet, 1991)

It is safe, well established, and have been used by many notable people including J.D. Rockefeller, American Presidents Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover, entertainers Tina Turner, Cher, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, as well as, Thoreau, Emerson, Longfellow, Stowe, Hawthorne, Twain, Dostoevsky, Shaw, Dickens and Tennyson, and the British Royal family since the early 1800's, and many others.1

Homeopathy, also known as homeopathic medicine, is a whole medical system that was developed in Germany more than 200 years ago and has been practiced in the United States since the early 19th century. Homeopathy is used for wellness and prevention and to treat many diseases and conditions.2

Homeopathy is based on the principle of similars, which vaccinations and allergy treatments are the modern medicine's application of this principle. Homeopathy, however uses microdoses, a more modern term, nanopharmocology, which is safer, and not known to produce any side effects.

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