Jenny Fisher

I graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering from UC Berkeley in 1993. As I worked as a process engineer, a teacher in math and sciences, and as a litigation support analyst at O'Melveny & Myers, Latham and Watkins, and Heller Ehrman, I faced a number of health challenges. From mono to mysterious allergies, my visits to doctor offices became frequent and discouraging. My health was getting worse and no one seemed to be able to help me.

After having my first child in 2003, and complications during recovery, I decided to pursue alternative health care, which in turn, began my journey of studying homeopathy.

In one of my preliminary Homeopathy courses my mother developed pneumonia, and with the guide of a homeopathic handbook, I gave my first and successful prescription, which cleared my mom's  lungs within an hour.  I was intrigued by the power of a microdose of a natural substance and its effect on my mother's health.

Since then I have seen numerous health successes and miracles of homeopathy. From young children to my favorite 78 year old, each person's path to health, although not always smooth, has been the driving force behind my passion.

I attended the Homeopathic Acdemy of Southern California and continued my studies at the California Center for Homoepathic Education. I graduated from CCHE and have been serving patients in Los Angeles and San Diego. I have studied under Bill Mann, Dr. Cheryl Feng, Karen Allen, Dr. Will  Taylor, Kim Elias, Allison Maslan, Joanna Daly, Bara Waters, Deborah Trotta, and Gabrielle Traub.